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Episode 373

Wayne, who suffered a head injury after being knocked down by Barbara's car, telling Amanda that he doesn't know how he got to the park where they're standing.

Episode 374

Margaret after telling David Palmer that she's not going to rest until she remembers where she knows Robin Elliott from.

Episode 375

Fiona after Patricia has threatened that she'll get revenge using Terry if Fiona interferes between her and Stephen.

Episode 376

Patricia staring at Stephen after he asks if the rumours about her seducing Terry are true.

Episode 377

Wayne looking astonished after Amanda tells him that she's two months pregnant - and that the baby's his.

Episode 378

Lynn looking guilty after telling Andy that she loves him.

Episode 379

Patricia looking smug after telling Robin Elliott that he's going to help organise an assault - on her.

Episode 380

Patricia smiling seductively at Terry Hansen, and telling him that he must know why he's there...

Episode 381

Terry looking astonished after Patricia accuses him of assaulting her.

Episode 382

Fiona looking shocked after the other partners who own Woombai have refused to believe that Patricia set Terry up over the assault, forcing him to leave the property and her to sell her share.


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