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Episode 383

Amanda looking shocked as Robin Elliott tells her that, with his help, no one need ever know that she's lost her baby.

Episode 384

David looking thoughtful after talking to Margaret about whether anything could happen between them.

Episode 385

Jill after threatening that Patricia's going to get what's coming to her.

Episode 386

Patricia talking on the 'phone to Robin Elliott, looking pleased that he's given her some news that's going to allow her to give Gordon and Jill one hell of a shock.

Episode 387

David and Margaret hugging by the front door at the Palmer house.

Episode 388

Patricia looking shocked having been caught by Stephen slapping Jill's face.

Episode 389

Stephen staring intently at Patricia after she's admitted that she set Terry up, and has asked Stephen what he's going to do about it.

Episode 390

Beryl looking shocked after a confrontation with Margaret in which Margaret has threatened to take David away from her.

Episode 391

Fiona and Jill crying with happiness that Jill's baby is going to be alright.

Episode 392

David telling Tony that his marriage to Beryl is finished; there's no turning back now...


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