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Episode 393

Patricia lying in the hallway at Toorak, after falling down the stairs following an argument with Wayne.

Episode 394

Patricia looking horrified as Gordon tells her on the 'phone that he's got bad news about Margaret.

Episode 395

Patricia after arranging for photos of Gordon in bed with another woman to be sent to the 'National Informer', Barbara and Rosie.

Episode 396

Beryl breaking down in John's arms over her separation from David.

Episode 397

Barbara and Gordon; Gordon has just punched a reporter from the 'National Informer'.

Episode 398

Patricia looking at Matt Kennedy furiously after yelling that she doesn't need his help.

Episode 399

Matt Kennedy holding Patricia after she breaks down and pleads with him to help her.

Episode 400

David looking at Margaret - in her hospital bed - lovingly.

Episode 401

Katie O'Brien about to tell her parents the truth about who she lent money to.

Episode 402

Jill glaring at Terry holding baby Fee.


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