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Episode 403

Jill looking shocked as Kathleen Elliott - Robin's wife - turns up at the Morrell apartment in Sydney.

Episode 404

Andy smiling as he and John are driven to The Farm by his friends in his band.

Episode 405

Kathleen Elliott watching as Robin and Jill pull apart from a kiss.

Episode 406

Beryl and John looking concerned as Beryl says she's worried that they've lost Andy to the cult for good.

Episode 407

Barbara after telling Stephen that she wants him to come down to Melbourne and help her kidnap Andy.

Episode 408

Jill hugging Fee in shock after Kathleen makes as if she's going to drop the child out of the window at the Morrell apartment.

Episode 409

Jill smiling as she watches Terry with Fee in the flat at Dural.

Episode 410

Patricia demanding an explanation after walking into Toorak and finding Andy unconscious on the hallway floor.

Episode 411

Barbara looking 'surprised' after Gordon tells her that two detectives are at Dural, following up a call on a kidnapping.

Episode 412

Jill looking shocked as Robin lies unconscious in the middle of the road, after Kathleen has knocked him down in her car.


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