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Episode 413

Jill after collapsing at the Palmer house.

Episode 414

Jill glaring at Terry after telling him and Fiona that she's going to lie to Sean O'Donnel and say that Fee is Brian's baby.

Episode 415

Andy looking shocked as Lynn comes into the bedroom in which he's being held at Woombai.

Episode 416

Andy on the run from Woombai; Lynn, who was chasing him, has just fallen off the rocks and into the waterhole below.

Episode 417

Barbara looking shocked as she walks in on Lynn and Andy kissing passionately.

Episode 418

Lynn after vowing to Fiona that she's going to do everything possible to get David and Beryl back together - no matter how Patricia tries to stop her.

Episode 419

Beryl looking surprised as Jim O'Brien tells her that he thinks it's time they laid their cards on the table about their real feelings for each other.

Episode 420

Fiona looking shocked and upset after Jill tells her that she and Fee are going to live in Ireland.

Episode 421

Terry in the back of a cab, having taken Fee in order to stop Jill taking her to Ireland.

Episode 422

Patricia looking shocked as David tells her that Margaret is dead.


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