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Episode 423

Patricia standing over Margaret's grave; she's just destroyed the flowers sent by her enemies.

Episode 424

Katie looking at Roger Carlyle after he tells her that her invitation to talk will prove to be time very well spent.

Episode 425

Mike glaring at Roger Carlyle after warning him to stay away from Katie.

Episode 426

Terry telling his boss at the garage where he's working that he's got to help him save Fee before the police get to her.

Episode 427

Patricia staring at Matt Kennedy; he's asked her to marry him, but she tells him that she has to make a choice.

Episode 428

Patricia sobbing after saying goodbye to Matt for the final time.

Episode 429

Katie looking at Roger Carlyle in shock after he asks how she'd feel if he told her that he was after her.

Episode 430

Wayne destroying the DJ equipment and records in Andy's van.

Episode 431

Fiona asking Terry where he's going, as she catches him about to go on the run from the police.

Episode 432

Beryl staring at Jim O'Brien in surprise, as he turns up at Patricia's drinks party.


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