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Episode 433

Luke Carlyle and Jill toasting their next date.

Episode 434

Katie after Roger Carlyle asks her to introduce him to Jill.

Episode 435

Gordon suffering a heart attack while Barbara looks on in concern.

Episode 436

Beryl looking worried after Lynn heads off to Sydney to see Andy.

Episode 437

Lynn on the verge of committing suicide after discovering that Andy doesn't love her.

Episode 438

Patricia looking shocked after being told that Margaret's grave has been badly desecrated.

Episode 439

Patricia looking at a threatening note from an intruder at Toorak.

Episode 440

Patricia looking worried after another note from the intruder disappears after she goes to get Jill and Jim to come and see it.

Episode 441

Jill walking upstairs at Toorak uncertainly, after hearing a door shut upstairs in the supposedly otherwise-empty house.

Episode 442

Patricia looking shocked after knocking her intruder unconscious and finding out who it is.


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