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Episode 443

Terry looking shocked after learning that Paul Sheppard has committed suicide, and that Jill blames him for it.

Episode 444

Amanda looking terrified after Wayne drunkenly tells her that she's his wife and that she's going to give him a kid.

Episode 445

Terry after being told by his solicitor that someone wants him in jail.

Episode 446

Amanda looking wary after Wayne tells her to open the front door to his potential fiancée.

Episode 447

Jeff telling his athletics coach, Tanya Ross, that he's worried his dad will find out and turn them both into the authorities.

Episode 448

Jeff looking guilty after Jim challenges him over his steroid use.

Episode 449

Fiona looking shocked after seeing Scott Thompson at Terry's court case; he's asked her who's more important: Jill or her son.

Episode 450

Terry telling Katie that he's finally going to do the right thing by Jill.

Episode 451

Amanda smiling gleefully as she tells Wayne that, if he wants her money, he's going to have to grovel for it.

Episode 452

Mike looking horrified as he watches Jeff being knocked down by a car.


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