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Episode 453

Jeff glaring at Mike, after Mike slaps him round the face during an argument.

Episode 454

David comforting Beryl after they learn that Kevin has been caught up in fighting in the Middle East.

Episode 455

Wayne after Barbara lashes out at him for dragging himself into the gutter by becoming a male escort.

Episode 456

Kevin on an aeroplane from the Middle East to Australia; he's just lost his hearing.

Episode 457

Barbara and Wayne looking guilty after Gordon tells them that he's found out that they were hiding from him how much trouble the company is in.

Episode 458

Irene looking worried after her son, Todd, makes a drunken fool of himself at a dinner party.

Episode 459

Lynn looking shocked as Kevin tells her that Andy's welcome to her, and that he doesn't want anything more to do with her.

Episode 460

Lynn looking shocked as she overhears Kevin saying he loved Sharon, a girl he worked with in the Middle East.

Episode 461

Irene after a run-in with Karen Fox, in which Karen told Irene to stay away from Todd.

Episode 462

Karen Fox with a sly smile on her face after booking Wayne in his capacity as a male escort.


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