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Episode 463

Lynn telling Kevin that either he makes an effort to meet her halfway or their marriage is over.

Episode 464

Wayne looking at Karen Fox after she asks him if he shouldn't try and make their night worthwhile...

Episode 465

Lynn hugging Andy after he's asked her to leave Kevin and go away with him; Lynn has said yes.

Episode 466

Todd and Irene Fisher hugging after Todd tells his mother that he's dying.

Episode 467

Patricia looking bemused as Karen turns up at Toorak and tells her that she's going to be interested in what she has to say.

Episode 468

Terry after punching Luke, who was visiting him at the prison farm in Ararat.

Episode 469

Mike and Heather looking at each other in shock after Katie tells them that Jeff has been arrested for shoplifting some bottles of whiskey.

Episode 470

Patricia smiling at Roger Carlyle after he proposes a toast to their business partnership.

Episode 471

Gordon staring at Karen, who's looking deflated after Patricia has cheerfully announced that she's stolen an important account from under Karen's nose.

Episode 472

Amanda looking thoughtful; Todd has just told her that he's dying.


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