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Episode 473

Jeff O'Brien after Leanne Watson tells him that he can drink himself to death for all she cares, and that his parents would be better off without him.

Episode 474

Karen looking stony-faced after Roger Carlyle tells her that he's not giving in to her attempt to blackmail him.

Episode 475

Wayne looking down at Todd Fisher after the two men fight at the harbour.

Episode 476

Patricia smiling at Roger Carlyle after threatening to reveal his murky past if he doesn't return to Perth and leave her to run the company.

Episode 477

Karen looking annoyed after Irene threatens to tell Karen's partner, Nat Fisher, about her fling with Wayne.

Episode 478

Irene comforting Todd as he realises he's on the final stretch of his terminal illness.

Episode 479

Amanda and Irene breaking down after Todd leaves Australia to go and die in a clinic in Switzerland.

Episode 480

Patricia and David kissing passionately.

Episode 481

Irene after agreeing to tell her ex-husband and Todd's father, Nat Fisher, where Todd has gone.

Episode 482

Bob 'Mitch' Mitchell smiling at Amanda Morrell after finding himself instantly attracted to her.


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