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Episode 483

Irene warning Patricia that she'll do everything she can to stop Patricia getting her claws into David.

Episode 484

Patricia, having got David drunk, smiling after telling Charlie that she's going to get exactly what she wants.

Episode 485

Patricia staring at Irene after Irene warns her that she's not going to give in easily over David.

Episode 486

Mitch comforting Amanda after Amanda learns that Todd has died; Mitch has told her that it's alright: he'll look after her...

Episode 487

Wayne looking at Karen in horror after Mitch has revealed in anger that Wayne has been seeing Katie O'Brien behind Karen's back.

Episode 488

David looking shocked after Patricia tells him that Beryl is pregnant - to Jim O'Brien.

Episode 489

Patricia looking worried as she tells Charlie that everything's falling apart and that Karen Fox could be the winner after all.

Episode 490

Amanda looking worried and guilty after kissing Mitch passionately.

Episode 491

Liz Smith staring at Wayne as he tells her that she should try and take Gordon away from Barbara.

Episode 492

Barbara looking annoyed with herself after her attempt to pay Liz to leave Dural backfires.


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