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Episode 493

Wayne smiling after telling Liz that her 'arch psychopath' stalker is going to make a big comeback and will pursue Barbara.

Episode 494

Barbara lying on the ground in the driveway at Dural after losing control of her motor scooter, which Wayne has tampered with.

Episode 495

Luke looking devious after telling Patricia that there are big things in the offing for her company.

Episode 496

Fiona looking worried as she tells Andy that she hopes Mitch never finds out the truth that Amanda's baby is his, not Todd's.

Episode 497

Wayne looking annoyed as Karen blackmails him into dumping Katie.

Episode 498

Mitch looking shocked after Karen tells him that Amanda is carrying his baby.

Episode 499

Patricia looking shocked as Luke tells her that he's embezzled every cent from her company.

Episode 500

Patricia crying after running out of her wedding to David.

Episode 501

Beryl looking shocked as she discovers Luke Carlyle's dead body at his apartment.

Episode 502

Patricia after two detectives tell her that she's under arrest for Luke's murder.


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