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Episode 503

Amanda breaking down after Mitch forces her to admit that it's his child she's having, not Todd's.

Episode 504

Gordon looking pained after admitting to Barbara that he loves Liz.

Episode 505

Patricia after realising and telling David that Jeff O'Brien killed Luke.

Episode 506

Jeff lying unconscious on the kitchen floor at the O'Briens' as fire rages around him.

Episode 507

Gordon looking worried as he hugs Liz after telling her that he loves her.

Episode 508

A distraught Heather being comforted by Beryl after a run in with Patricia in which Patricia accused Jeff - who died in the fire at the O'Briens' - of murdering Luke.

Episode 509

Patricia looking terrified as a hitman sent by Roger Carlyle points a gun at her.

Episode 510

Gordon lying on the floor at Dural after suffering another heart attack.

Episode 511

Mitch looking horrified as Amanda cries to him that she thinks she's losing her baby.

Episode 512

Patricia looking bemused as Ross Newman tells her that he's sure they're going to enjoy their time together.


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