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Episode 513

Patricia looking worried as she prepares for an operation on her knee and thinks about Margaret's death in hospital.

Episode 514

Karen smiling at Mitch as she asks him if he's interested in stealing some jewellery for her.

Episode 515

Patricia hugging David after agreeing to marry him.

Episode 516

Gordon looking upset after a run-in with Barbara.

Episode 517

Terry looking worried as an alarm goes off while Mitch is stealing jewellery from the Brandon house; Terry is there trying to talk Mitch out of doing the job for Karen.

Episode 518

Patricia breaking down in David's arms after she receives a 'phone call from a woman who says she's Margaret: she's not sure if she's dreaming or what's real anymore...

Episode 519

Patricia looking relieved after escaping from David's house in the country by dressing up as Heather O'Brien.

Episode 520

Patricia after telling Charlie that, if the police catch her, she's done for.

Episode 521

Wayne looking surprised to find Patricia in the flat at the back of Dural.

Episode 522

David being attacked by some heavies who demand that he tell them where Patricia is.


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