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Episode 523

Amanda looking terrified as Mitch jumps into her car - a knife strapped to his arm - and orders her to drive where he tells her.

Episode 524

The swimming pool at Dural: a drunken Wayne has gone under the water, after both Karen and Patricia decided not to help him.

Episode 525

Wayne looking worried after Karen tells Gordon that Wayne is blackmailing Patricia in order to get the money to buy the business.

Episode 526

Amanda looking horrified after accidentally shooting Mitch.

Episode 527

Patricia looking worried after almost being caught by two men working for Roger Carlyle.

Episode 528

Patricia's unconsciousness after she's been anaesthetised for an operation on her knee; the last thing she saw was Ross Newman standing over her... (1984 season finale)

Episode 529

Karen looking shocked at finding Mitch - who is supposed to be in hiding, pretending to be dead - standing in her lounge room.

Episode 530

Beryl looking shocked and upset after returning home from Queensland to find Katie and Alan Brandon in bed together; she ordered Alan out of the house and slapped Katie round the face.

Episode 531

Patricia smiling at David lovingly before the start of the party he's holding for her; he tells her that it's going to be a day they'll always remember.

Episode 532

The aftermath of the boobytrapped wheelchair exploding at the party held for Patricia: at the hospital, Barbara, Fiona and Jill stare at a doctor as he tells them that he has some bad news...


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