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Episode 533

Fiona comforting Beryl as she suggests to her that it's high time she revealed what really happened in Queensland.

Episode 534

Patricia after lying to David that Beryl slapped his niece, Leigh, for absolutely no reason.

Episode 535

Patricia after telling Leigh Palmer that she's going to make her an offer she can't refuse.

Episode 536

Patricia looking worried and upset as she sits on board a 'plane, fleeing Australia for a new life in Rio de Janeiro.

Episode 537

Ross Newman looking smug after he convinces Barbara that Andy is a drug pusher; Barbara has found some hash that Ross planted in Andy's van.

Episode 538

Gordon after declaring to Andy and Amanda that they'll give Ross Newman some rope, and with a bit of help, he might just hang himself.

Episode 539

Karen smiling at Wayne lovingly after persuading him that they need each other - for better or worse.

Episode 540

An old, abandoned mine-shaft in the grounds of David's country house in Sunbury: Beryl has just fallen through the crumbling wooden slats that covered it.

Episode 541

Beryl being comforted by David at the bottom of the mine-shaft after he also fell down the hole; Beryl's contractions have started and she's crying that she doesn't want to lose her baby.

Episode 542

Leigh Palmer looking at Wayne in shock as he 'phones the police and tells them to send someone over as he wants to confess a murder.


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