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Episode 543

Karen looking horrified as a policeman tells Wayne that they've found a body - which they think might be Mitch's - in a lake.

Episode 544

Charlie looking annoyed as Leigh blackmails her over helping Patricia flee Australia.

Episode 545

Beryl looking shocked as David tells her that their new-born baby son, Robert, has vanished from the hospital.

Episode 546

Beryl after telling David angrily that if the kidnappers harm Robert in any way, he'll be to blame and she'll never forgive him.

Episode 547

Karen looking furious after Leigh blackmails her over the fact that Mitch is really still alive.

Episode 548

Gordon hugging Barbara as she pleads for help to get over her addiction to tranquillisers.

Episode 549

Beryl waiting desperately for baby Robert to be returned by the kidnappers.

Episode 550

Karen glaring at Leigh angrily after Leigh leads Alan on and then dumps him; Karen has threatened that if anything happens to Alan, it'll be on Leigh's head and she'll pay for it.

Episode 551

Fiona after saying to Andy that she thinks she's going to be very glad to have Chris Adams around.

Episode 552

Leigh staring at Charlie and Karen as Charlie tells her that she isn't going to get any money from the two of them; they had to stop her, and now they can.


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