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Episode 553

Fiona looking fearful as her horse, Bonnie, rears and is about to stomp on her.

Episode 554

Caroline Morrell being asked by her man, Ron, what's going on, after she saw her daughter, Amanda, in Sydney.

Episode 555

Jill gasping in shock as she finds Alan lying dead in the flat at Dural.

Episode 556

Chris Bainbridge aiming a rifle at Fiona's head.

Episode 557

Fiona crying in relief after Stephen rescues her from the chase through the woods that Chris made her endure.

Episode 558

Karen holding her neck after Wayne almost strangled her; he had just discovered that she had been lying to him about his having killed Mitch.

Episode 559

David looking shocked as Leigh's mother, Frannie, tells him that Leigh is his daughter.

Episode 560

Jill looking worried as she prepares to service a client following her return to prostitution.

Episode 561

Karen Hamilton's dead body lying in the creek at Dural.

Episode 562

Wayne looking worried as a detective tells him that he wouldn't be surprised if it was someone who had been at Dural that morning that murdered Karen.


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