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Episode 963

Fiona smiling after explaining to Todd that escort agencies will talk to her for Auld Lang Syne; she's trying to track down the woman he was caught with by Charlie.

Episode 964

Wayne staring at a photo of Mandy - the woman Todd was caught with - and musing that it's time for her to resurface.

Episode 965

Caroline after revealing to Beryl that, if she went ahead and had her baby, it would be born handicapped.

Episode 966

Craig with Andy, who's holding Madonna, after Fiona has threatened Andy that she'll make sure he never becomes Madonna's legal custodian.

Episode 967

Fiona and Todd sitting in a club, waiting to talk to the woman that Todd was caught with by Charlie.

Episode 968

Alison staring at a newspaper clipping showing her standing with the woman Todd was caught with; Charlie has just thrown her out of her house.

Episode 969

Alison staring at Wayne as he visits her in the dingy motel she's staying in and gloats that she's finished.

Episode 970

Alison smiling gleefully as she watches Wayne climb into his car outside Charlie's; she's arranged for the car to explode when he switches on the ignition.

Episode 971

Alison looking devastated and alone after Susan tells her that she can't help her any more.

Episode 972

The final episode was accompanied by a montage of images from the entire run of Sons and Daughters.


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