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Episode 953

Alison musing that her lousy luck can't last forever.

Episode 954

Craig asking to speak to Peter Elliot, the man he has just discovered is his father.

Episode 955

Craig staring at Peter Elliot as he walks down the road; Craig has had second thoughts about approaching him.

Episode 956

Wayne vowing to himself that he has a surprise for Alison, after she taunted that he couldn't even kill a cockroach.

Episode 957

Alison looking annoyed after trying to get Todd to make a pass at her, only for him to realise what she's doing and warn her that if she tries any more tricks, she'll be kicked out.

Episode 958

Wayne smiling gleefully after telling Alison that he's sold Todd his share of the gym.

Episode 959

Wayne after vowing to Todd that they'll nail Alison's hide to the wall.

Episode 960

Sarah looking annoyed after Wayne rejected her advances.

Episode 961

Wayne and Sarah kissing passionately.

Episode 962

Beryl looking shocked after Caroline announces that she's getting an abortion.


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