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Episode 943

Sarah and Greg Hudson looking surprised after Alison invites them to move to Sydney to live with her.

Episode 944

Wayne on the verge of committing suicide with sleeping pills.

Episode 945

Wayne looking bemused after Tick tells him that he's got a girlfriend and that he's going to marry her!

Episode 946

Fiona looking shocked after Alison announces that she's going to sell the mansion.

Episode 947

Fiona contemplating her future after picking up a tarot card showing the Hanged Man.

Episode 948

Alison staring at Fiona in surprise after Fiona has told her that she's going to move into an old-people's home.

Episode 949

Alison looking worried after Greg has demanded to know why she didn't tell him that Pamela had stayed with her.

Episode 950

Wayne smiling slyly at Alison after telling her that he's got a new lease of life.

Episode 951

Wayne looking stony-faced as he tells Janice that he's not going to sell Susan's car; he's going to get rid of it.

Episode 952

Alison after Wayne has vowed to her that he won't rest until she's destroyed.


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