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Episode 933

Wayne looking shocked after meeting Pamela Hudson for the first time and discovering that she looks like Patricia.

Episode 934

Wayne after Susan has told him that she's pregnant again.

Episode 935

Wayne after agreeing with Doug to provide finance for Sanders Air Charter - but only on condition that Gordon and Caroline don't find out.

Episode 936

Susan smiling in relief as Caroline sees her off on a train to Perth; Susan is faking suicide again, in order to escape from Wayne.

Episode 937

Alison smiling after flirting with Nick Benson at the gym.

Episode 938

Pamela looking shocked after she, Nick and Michael Benson discover Wayne sitting in his car, having downed a mix of sleeping tablets and scotch in an apparent suicide attempt.

Episode 939

Alison looking surprised after Gordon snaps at her that he's fed up being a rock for everyone.

Episode 940

Beryl smiling at Gordon weakly after Alison has insinuated to her that she and Gordon slept together the previous night.

Episode 941

Nick Benson smiling at Alison after telling her that he couldn't stop thinking about her.

Episode 942

Alison smiling at Doug that she's going to keep Greg Hudson all to herself.


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