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Episode 923

Susan looking upset after Beryl orders her not to visit the prison again until she's changed her mind about going back to Wayne.

Episode 924

Pamela looking furious after catching Alison and Nick Benson together on the couch at Charlie's.

Episode 925

Alison looking glum after discovering that Nick is reading My Sister My Love; she's just told Pamela that, when he's finished, the romance between them will be as dead as a dodo.

Episode 926

Alison looking thoughtful after Pamela tries to console her over the fact that Nick didn't turn up for dinner with her.

Episode 927

Pamela smiling during a secret dinner with Nick, in which he's proposed a toast to secrets to be revealed.

Episode 928

Susan looking worried after Wayne orders her to get her engagement and wedding rings back from the cleaner's; he doesn't realise that Susan has actually pawned them to raise money to pay gambling debts.

Episode 929

Wayne staring at a man who he has just attacked, thinking the man has stolen Susan's car.

Episode 930

Alison looking frightened while sitting in a restaurant with Nick; she's just experienced a feeling like someone walking over her grave.

Episode 931

Debbie looking worried after Caroline tells her that Michelle White is after Craig.

Episode 932

Pamela smiling after agreeing to forge Wayne's signature to - as she believes - free some bonds from a safety deposit box so that Gordon can pay for Beryl to have a retrial.


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