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Episode 913

Pamela giving Alison a hug and telling her that she's forgiven; Alison had a go at Pamela for losing the bracelet that Nick gave to Alison as a present, but subsequently apologised for her reaction.

Episode 914

Pamela in tears after watching an old Dunne family movie showing her and Alison as babies.

Episode 915

Wayne crouching on the ground as a gunman fires shots at him.

Episode 916

Beryl after announcing to the court where she's being tried for attempting to murder Wayne that she's guilty.

Episode 917

Susan looking anguished after digging up the gun that she used to shoot Wayne.

Episode 918

Michael looking shocked after he gives his brother, Nick, an injection for a fever and Nick develops breathing problems.

Episode 919

Alison looking worried after Charlie provides evidence that Pamela sold the bracelet that Nick gave to Alison as a present.

Episode 920

Susan staring at Wayne in horror after discovering that he's taken the gun that she used to shoot him, and is prepared to use it to blackmail her.

Episode 921

Susan looking worried after Wayne tracks her down at Caroline's.

Episode 922

Wayne with a sneer on his face after ordering Susan to the bedroom at Dural and telling her that the only person she thinks about now is him.


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