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Episode 903

Wayne lying in his hospital bed, muttering to himself that he thinks he knows who shot him.

Episode 904

Beryl looking stunned as she meets Pamela Hudson, a fellow inmate at the Bendala Detention Centre.

Episode 905

Wayne smirking after throwing Andy out of Dural.

Episode 906

Pamela Hudson smiling during a party to celebrate her release from jail.

Episode 907

Susan looking concerned after she discovers that Craig has been lying to Debbie about his job.

Episode 908

Alison smiling after revealing to Charlie that Pamela is her twin sister.

Episode 909

Pamela looking horrified after she loses control of a horse she's riding at Woombai.

Episode 910

Wayne looking worried after Doug threatens that he's got 24 hours to arrange for Beryl to be freed from jail, otherwise he'll be dog's meat.

Episode 911

Doug looking annoyed after discovering that Wayne has skipped town.

Episode 912

Pamela smiling deviously after vowing that she's going to take everything from Alison.


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