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Episode 893

Fiona lying on the floor of a tent, barely conscious, after Michael Benson had to perform an emergency operation on her.

Episode 894

Beryl glaring at the mystery author of novel My Sister My Love and snapping that she hopes they're prepared to tell Gordon the truth.

Episode 895

Caroline beaming in delight after the publisher of My Sister My Love tells her that he has an American publisher interested in the book and that he'd like her to write a sequel.

Episode 896

Wayne looking haggard after being drugged by Susan in order to keep him away from Gordon and Beryl's wedding.

Episode 897

Wayne looking horrified after he accidentally knocks Susan down with his car.

Episode 898

Wayne lying unconscious by the pool at Dural after being shot.

Episode 899

Beryl glaring at Alison and warning her that she's the one the police should be thinking of arresting for the attempt on Wayne's life.

Episode 900

Fiona comforting Beryl after a detective has asked Beryl to come to the police station for further questioning.

Episode 901

Beryl glaring at Susan after slapping her round the face: Susan wished aloud that everyone would just leave Wayne alone to die and Beryl was stunned at her cold attitude.

Episode 902

Wayne sitting up in his hospital bed, trying desperately to remember who really shot him.


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