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Episode 883

Wayne threatening Alison that, one day, he's going to be back on top of the heap again and Alison will be in the gutter, where she belongs - where he'll step on her face and push her down even further.

Episode 884

Debbie crying out in horror after being terrorised by a menacing voice on the 'phone in her and Craig's flat.

Episode 885

Wayne staring at Ginny after discovering that she's working for Alison.

Episode 886

Wayne looking horrified as he stares down a bank at the side of a road: Glen and Ginny have just rolled down the bank in Glen's car.

Episode 887

Susan looking devastated after Glen dies from the injuries he sustained in the car accident.

Episode 888

Debbie looking horrified after discovering that her and Craig's neighbour, Frank Porter, is her stalker.

Episode 889

Caroline looking annoyed after letting slip to Wayne that Susan is alive.

Episode 890

Wayne looking dumbstruck after Susan returns to him - followed by a television news crew - for an emotional reunion.

Episode 891

Craig holding a devastated Debbie after Frank Porter almost killed her, but then turned the gun on himself.

Episode 892

Debbie staring at Craig in surprise after he asks her to marry him.


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