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Episode 873

Beryl after Gordon has proposed to her: she's told him that she'd love to marry him, but she can't.

Episode 874

Wayne glaring at Fiona after she tells him that Moya Brinkley isn't Tick's real mother; Tick is in a coma and Fiona has told Wayne that he has to accept the truth about Moya and track down Tick's real mother.

Episode 875

Debbie staring at Craig after he suggests that they get a flat together.

Episode 876

Caroline hugging Doug after he asks her for a second time to marry him - and for the second time, she's said 'yes'!

Episode 877

Wayne looking horrified after discovering that Tick has run away from hospital.

Episode 878

Wayne hugging Tick in relief at Dural after Tick tells Wayne that he's still there for him, even though Gordon and Beryl are moving out.

Episode 879

Fiona standing with Ginny, who has just snapped that she's fed up with men using her, and from now on she's going to be the one doing the using.

Episode 880

Wayne after telling Ginny that a land deal has fallen through and he's been wiped out.

Episode 881

Wayne after telling Gordon and Beryl that there's one way they can get back some of the money they've lost - but Fiona's not going to like it.

Episode 882

Wayne looking annoyed after Alison tells him that he's got to make a decision about whether to let Tick go.


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