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Episode 863

Glen thanking Tick McCarthy after Tick set off a set of firecrackers to frighten away some thugs that were beating Glen up.

Episode 864

Wayne staring at Tick after Tick has told Wayne that Wayne is his dad.

Episode 865

Wayne smiling at Alison after telling her that he and Tick are staying at Dural together; Alison has tried to explain to him that Tick isn't really his son.

Episode 866

Susan staring at Wayne in horror after he demands to know how he can be sure the baby she's having is his and not Glen's.

Episode 867

Susan walking into the sea as she takes her life, desperate to escape from Wayne.

Episode 868

Wayne swimming for help, pursued by a shark; he, Glen, Ginny and Tick have been stranded on an island by Alison and Tick has been injured after falling on a knife. (1986 season finale)

Episode 869

Glen after being rescued from the sea; he's tried to swim to the mainland to get help for Tick.

Episode 870

Alison after telling Ginny coldly that Wayne is going to pay for ripping-off Charlie.

Episode 871

A bedraggled-looking Susan staring through the front window at Beryl's; she's in hiding, but has been spotted by Caroline.

Episode 872

Susan looking worried after Caroline overhears Wayne writing Susan's eulogy; Caroline has told Susan that Wayne is going through the tortures of the damned.


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