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Episode 853

Caroline looking horrified after Wayne tells her nastily that she's going to be taking a very long 'holiday' at the nursing home.

Episode 854

Wayne after falling and landing heavily at the bottom of a ridge while trying to make his way on foot to Glen's parents' cabin.

Episode 855

Alison after suggesting to Doug and Janice that her guess is that Wayne is the one behind Caroline's disappearance.

Episode 856

Caroline lying bound and gagged in a trolley full of washing at the nursing home.

Episode 857

Caroline looking relieved after a note telling her that help is on the way is pushed under the door of her room at the nursing home.

Episode 858

Wayne looking horrified after he reaches Glen's parents' cabin to find Glen and Susan kissing passionately.

Episode 859

Wayne looking furious after Alison calls him a coward and taunts him that he doesn't have the guts to face Susan about her affair with Glen.

Episode 860

Nursing home patient 'Dr.' Kevin Jones approaching Caroline menacingly with a pair of medical scissors.

Episode 861

Caroline looking horrified as Mrs. Boyle, the woman in charge of the nursing home, tries to push her off a factory roof onto the road below.

Episode 862

Wayne looking horrified after Susan falls down the stairs at Dural.


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