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Episode 843

Craig staring at Ginny in shock after she's told him that she loves him.

Episode 844

Craig trying to hitch a lift from Sydney back to Melbourne.

Episode 845

Wayne after Janice tells him at the gym that Susan is having a chat with Glen.

Episode 846

Glen after warning Wayne that he's going to prove that Wayne set him up so that he could give him the sack.

Episode 847

Ginny looking horrified as she's trapped by a fallen wooden beam.

Episode 848

Alison looking horrified as she realises that she and David have been locked deliberately in a freezer.

Episode 849

Andy with David after stopping Jean Hopkins from killing him.

Episode 850

Beryl looking delighted after her dressing as Ruby tricks Colin Hopkins into confessing to Ruby's murder.

Episode 851

Alison looking devastated after David rejects her in favour of Beryl.

Episode 852

Wayne looking pleased with himself after arranging for Caroline to go missing on the way to the mental hospital; he's tricked everyone into thinking Caroline is insane.


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