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Episode 833

Susan looking horrified after Gordon has told her that Wayne's car has been found abandoned in Sydney.

Episode 834

Wayne looking haggard; he's just told Ginny that he's dying.

Episode 835

Ruby after telling Craig that she doesn't want to see him again.

Episode 836

Craig looking horrified after discovering Ruby's dead body.

Episode 837

David after telling Craig that he's on his side.

Episode 838

Fiona hugging Craig after he arrives at the mansion; he's gone on the run after being framed for Ruby's murder.

Episode 839

Susan looking shocked after Wayne tells her that it would better if their baby wasn't born at all.

Episode 840

Wayne after Susan tells him that they either have the baby or she'll leave him.

Episode 841

Wayne threatening Owen Brooke, ordering him to pack his bags and leave.

Episode 842

David looking worried after spotting Colin and Jean Hopkins' car approaching; Alison is inside the Hopkins' house, searching for evidence that they're responsible for Ruby's death.


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