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Episode 823

Wayne spinning Susan around in delight after learning that she's pregnant.

Episode 824

Alison looking horrified after she receives a death threat over the 'phone at Glen's parents' cabin.

Episode 825

Alison after declaring that Wayne is finished; she's concluded that he was behind the death threat.

Episode 826

Alison after a gun she's aiming at Wayne goes off as Wayne lunges for it.

Episode 827

Robert Palmer toddling towards a burning heater in the kitchen at Beryl's as Debbie, his babysitter, sits asleep at the table.

Episode 828

Craig looking shocked after his mother, Ruby Hawkins, turns up at David's.

Episode 829

Beryl after warning Ruby not to go near Craig.

Episode 830

Charlie looking surprised after throwing Ginny out: Alison has told her that if Ginny goes, she'll go as well.

Episode 831

Andy comforting Debbie after Craig disappears while looking for Ruby.

Episode 832

Wayne looking shocked after he's told by Woombai resident, Mrs. Burns, that his grandfather died of Huntington's disease and that it won't be long before it kills him too.


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