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Episode 813

Andy looking pleased with himself after he persuades Ginny to hand over the tape.

Episode 814

Alison looking thoughtful as Glen challenges her to prove that she's not the cold, selfish, hard-bitten bitch he thinks she is.

Episode 815

Wayne looking worried after Susan warns him that she'd leave him if she ever caught him trying to hurt David.

Episode 816

Wayne after opening a letter to discover it contains a death threat against him.

Episode 817

Wayne after Glen tells him that it wouldn't surprise him if someone was out to get Wayne - and he wouldn't like to be in Wayne's shoes, not knowing who it is or when they'll hit.

Episode 818

Fiona lying unconscious after being sent flying by a rigged vacuum cleaner.

Episode 819

Caroline looking delighted after deceiving Wayne into believing that Alison sent the death threat; he has just vowed that he'll fix Alison and she won't know what hit her.

Episode 820

Gordon looking astonished after Woombai worker, Bones Rowe, tells him that Susan can't have kids if Wayne is her husband.

Episode 821

Susan looking puzzled after Gordon tells her that she has to face the fact that she can't have children with Wayne.

Episode 822

Andy staring up at David after David has pushed him to the ground and ordered him off his property.


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