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Episode 803

Charlie looking annoyed after Fiona has a go at her for unwittingly giving away a tape containing Maria's confession that Wayne paid her to lie to Susan about Glen.

Episode 804

Alison looking annoyed as Ginny tells her that, if she wants the tape back, it'll cost her.

Episode 805

Andy looking pleased with himself after taking possession of what he thinks is the tape containing Maria's confession.

Episode 806

Wayne looking pleased with himself after beginning a campaign of revenge against David for interfering in the wedding.

Episode 807

David staring at Laura after she tells him that he'll have to get rid of Caroline for the sake of his business.

Episode 808

Fiona looking worried as Alison tells her that Glen is their only hope of getting the tape back; she and Fiona have persuaded a wary Glen to become friendly with Ginny so that he can talk her into handing over the tape.

Episode 809

Andy comforting Debbie as she cries that she's going to lose Craig to his old school friend, Tina Somers.

Episode 810

Caroline looking terrified after a photographer she's modelling for comes-on heavy; David has just rushed in to rescue her.

Episode 811

David after telling Caroline bitterly that Wayne has wiped him out.

Episode 812

Andy looking worried after Wayne stalls in agreeing to pay him for the tape.


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