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Episode 793

Wayne smiling nastily after picking up a heavy iron pipe, ready to attack Glen.

Episode 794

Debbie looking astonished after businesswoman, Laura Banning, announces that she's going to sue David.

Episode 795

Janice looking concerned after telling Owen Brooke that she'll marry him.

Episode 796

Andy looking pleased with himself after Ginny Doyle pays him a visit; they're both looking for revenge against Alison.

Episode 797

Maggie Hunt looking astonished as Alison turns up at Gordon's flat at Seabreeze Towers and warns Maggie that she's mistaken if she thinks she's on to a good thing with Gordon.

Episode 798

Debbie and Craig looking worried after their attempts to persuade Laura to change her mind about suing David backfire.

Episode 799

Wayne grinning nastily after ringing Customs at Sydney airport and telling them that they might be interested in what Glen has in his suitcase.

Episode 800

Wayne and a marriage celebrant staring at David as he calls a halt to Wayne's wedding to Susan.

Episode 801

Wayne and Susan about to kiss after the marriage celebrant pronounces them husband and wife.

Episode 802

Glen standing at the side of a road trying to hitch a lift out of Sydney.


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