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Episode 783

Beryl staring at Susan in horror as she announces that Wayne has asked her to marry him and she's said 'yes'.

Episode 784

Wayne looking at Susan guiltily as she demands to know why he hired a private detective in Manila.

Episode 785

Glen hiding behind some bushes, looking frustrated as he stares at Wayne and Susan celebrating their engagement.

Episode 786

Andy after Wayne has warned him that he makes a very bad enemy if Andy decides to double-cross him.

Episode 787

Andy standing in the corridor at the mansion after Fiona has thrown him out for going back to work for Wayne.

Episode 788

Debbie looking fearful after a lecherous man tries to attack her.

Episode 789

Andy looking pleased with himself after using his initiative to work out where Glen might be.

Episode 790

Wayne after telling Andy that they're going to carry on with life as normal, as he doesn't want anyone to be able to point a finger at them when what's about to happen to Glen finally happens.

Episode 791

Susan looking shocked as she discovers a beaten-up Wayne on the ground outside the back door at David's; Wayne has just told her that it was David who did it.

Episode 792

Susan after Wayne suggests to her that they elope.


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