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Episode 773

Craig looking horrified as Debbie is kidnapped by Ian Cox and made to drive with him in a truck full of nitroglycerine.

Episode 774

Janice looking horrified after discovering that the mansion used to be a bordello and that May was the Madam.

Episode 775

Wayne looking smug after setting up Glen to make it look to Susan as though he's interested in Maria, a girl he helped in Manila.

Episode 776

Wayne hugging Susan and smiling nastily after telling her that she'll forget about Glen.

Episode 777

Beryl standing looking indignant after Glen tells her that Susan has got involved with Wayne; she's declared that it'll be the biggest mistake of Susan's life and it'll happen over her dead body.

Episode 778

Andy looking pleased with himself after tricking Alison into thinking Bjorn Nilsson is having an affair with a young blonde - who's really his niece.

Episode 779

Alison looking annoyed after realising she's been set-up.

Episode 780

Beryl looking horrified after turning up at Dural to find Wayne and Susan have headed off on a holiday together.

Episode 781

Gordon after discovering Maggie Hunt, his cleaner at Seabreeze Towers, lying on the floor unconscious.

Episode 782

David looking frustrated after visiting Bill Todd in prison to see if he can help stop Wayne going after Susan; he's just emerged, though, to tell Glen that there's no way Bill can help them now and he just doesn't know what else he can do.


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