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Episode 763

Craig standing triumphantly over Andy after knocking him to the ground; Andy was taunting Craig about his mother.

Episode 764

Alison smiling after meeting Bjorn Nilsson and deciding that he'd be the perfect present for Charlie!

Episode 765

Craig and Debbie looking glum after meeting Ruby Hawkins, Craig's real mother.

Episode 766

Andy glaring at Craig and warning him that there's more than one way to win, after Doug sets them both a challenge.

Episode 767

Wayne stuck up a tree after being chased across a field by a bull.

Episode 768

Wayne looking annoyed as he finds Glen and Susan kissing passionately.

Episode 769

Craig looking furious after accusing Andy of stealing the money he'd made in Doug's challenge.

Episode 770

Wayne smiling slyly at Susan that he just wants her and Glen to be happy.

Episode 771

Fiona looking astonished after Janice tells her that she knows Fiona is trying to turn the mansion into a bordello!

Episode 772

Debbie and Craig kissing passionately after declaring their love for each other.


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