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Episode 753

May left tied-up and gagged by Ned Parker on the floor of the storeroom at the mansion.

Episode 754

Beryl after being punched in the face by a woman who thinks she's Ruby Hawkins.

Episode 755

Caroline after musing to Robert that if Doug wants to get at her by throwing money away, she's going to start getting at him by taking it.

Episode 756

Susan staring at Ned Parker fearfully after he knocks Wayne unconscious and then tells Susan threateningly that things will be much more interesting if it's just the two of them.

Episode 757

Susan looking shocked after a delirious Wayne murmurs that he loves her.

Episode 758

Micky Pratt lying at the side of a road after being knocked down in a hit-and-run.

Episode 759

Alison staring at Susan imploringly after asking Susan to give her an hour before she calls the police: Alison wants to find the statement that Micky signed before her death that clears her of murdering Luke Carlyle.

Episode 760

A distraught Alison crying to Charlie for help after she leaves fingerprints on a gun and is subsequently arrested by the police for the murder of Luke Carlyle.

Episode 761

Beryl staring at David after pleading with him to listen to Doug's advice about running his new trucking business.

Episode 762

Craig looking undecided as to whether he should carry on searching for his mother.


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