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Episode 743

Susan after declaring to Caroline that she's going to go to Sydney to look after Gordon - and Alison isn't going to find her a pushover.

Episode 744

Beryl struggling with a man who's turned up at her house and thinks she's Ruby Hawkins.

Episode 745

Beryl after a run-in with Caroline in which Beryl has warned Caroline that if any harm comes to Craig when he tries to find his mother, it'll be her fault.

Episode 746

Craig after being caught breaking into a filing cabinet in the office of a company his mother worked for.

Episode 747

Janice looking disappointed after pouring out her feelings about Neville to him, only to then find that he's fallen asleep.

Episode 748

Alison looking at Doug Fletcher sharply after he tells her that he knows who she is.

Episode 749

Wayne after telling his father that now that he's got a second chance with Susan he's going to do his darnedest to hang on to her.

Episode 750

Glen looking after Charlie after she has a run-in with Micky Pratt, a witness who could clear Alison of murdering Luke Carlyle.

Episode 751

Glen heading towards a warehouse that he's seen Micky Pratt walk into.

Episode 752

May looking blank-faced after Micky Pratt demands to know who's been going through her room at the mansion.


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