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Episode 733

Beryl glaring at Craig furiously as she warns him that if, he's hurt Robert, she'll kill him.

Episode 734

Beryl staring at Craig after he tells her that she's his mother.

Episode 735

Fiona after ordering Janice not to have dinner with Wayne.

Episode 736

Alison after ripping up a letter that Barbara has left Gordon for him to read when he's better.

Episode 737

Glen Young and Alison on the verge of kissing.

Episode 738

Wayne grinning triumphantly after conning Alison into buying a worthless painting.

Episode 739

Craig looking defiant after Beryl orders him out of her house.

Episode 740

Beryl after telling Susan that she doesn't care how long it takes but she's got to find Craig's real mother.

Episode 741

Fiona looking puzzled after May tells her that she has a dreadful confession to make and she won't be surprised if Fiona never wants to talk to her again.

Episode 742

Fiona looking triumphant after tipping the contents of a watering can over May in revenge for May letting Neville Curtis stay in the manager's office at the mansion.


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