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Episode 723

Caroline looking horrified after learning that Alison arranged for Samantha to be roughed-up.

Episode 724

Caroline screaming as the car she's in with Alison - the driver - heads for a crash with a car driven by Barbara, who has Gordon as her passenger.

Episode 725

Alison looking worried after Caroline tells her that there was a witness who can prove that Alison was driving the car when it crashed.

Episode 726

Wayne after threatening to Charlie that if he ever found out Alison was responsible for the accident, he'd get his revenge.

Episode 727

Barbara looking horrified after Gordon regains consciousness after the accident and asks for Patricia.

Episode 728

Wayne grinning after finding a stash of old pound notes hidden in a cavity in the wall in Fiona's room at the mansion.

Episode 729

Wayne glaring at Alison after she tells him that James has died and left her everything.

Episode 730

Wayne and Fiona looking disappointed after the stash of money that Wayne found in the wall is taken away in a open bag of old clothes and scattered all over the road.

Episode 731

Susan Todd looking slightly worried after agreeing to go out for dinner with Ted Dawson.

Episode 732

Craig Maxwell looking confused and worried after meeting Beryl.


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