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Episode 713

Fiona after Wayne attacks her for being too gutless to have the operation.

Episode 714

Beryl glaring at Alison after she threatens to take both Beryl and David down for withholding information if Beryl reveals to Gordon that Alison is Patricia.

Episode 715

Fiona, having come through her operation, laughing after her niece, Janice, tells her that she's going to convert her to a righteous path!

Episode 716

Donna Jackson crying out in pain after collapsing during her pregnancy.

Episode 717

Alison smiling at Trent Harris after he agrees to do a job for her to earn some good money.

Episode 718

Wayne looking at Alison after dropping her in the swimming pool at Dural; he's angry that she bought Caroline's shares in the company when he'd planned to trick her out of them himself.

Episode 719

Fiona declaring that she'll talk to a TV crew about the planned demolition of the mansion in which she worked during the war.

Episode 720

Beryl looking horrified as she discovers that the money she made from a garage sale has been stolen.

Episode 721

Barbara after crying to Irene that Alison is out to get Gordon and there's not a damn thing she can do about it.

Episode 722

Alison after Wayne threatens that the world is going to start tumbling down around her - sooner than she thinks.


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