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Episode 703

Fiona after declaring that she'll help Caroline track down Amanda and, if it means taking a personal risk, so be it.

Episode 704

Caroline after telling madam Bella Brixton that she wants to be one of her girls.

Episode 705

David stuffing into his shirt pocket a photo of Amanda that he found in an album at Bella Brixton's brothel.

Episode 706

Alison after James asks her to marry him.

Episode 707

Alison grinning at the Hamiltons after James announces that he's signed over control of his assets to her, making her the Hamiltons' partner.

Episode 708

Gordon after Alison threatens that she'll fight him over the future of Woombai - and she'll win.

Episode 709

Gordon staring at Alison after she tells him to get rid of Alan Pascoe and find a new manager for Woombai that they can both work with.

Episode 710

Alison smiling at Charlie that she's going to make Gordon think she's the sweetest thing that ever walked so that he'll do exactly what she wants him to do.

Episode 711

Fiona crying as Beryl tells her that she's going to have the operation to treat her cancer and she's going to live.

Episode 712

Fiona after learning that she's lost all her money; she's just told Irene and Beryl that she can no longer afford the operation.


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