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Episode 693

David staring at Alison after she says she'll never bother him again if he tells her that he really wants things to be finished between them.

Episode 694

Gordon looking horrified after realising he could have sent James to jail for the next twenty years.

Episode 695

Irene standing over Fiona, who has collapsed.

Episode 696

A cloudless sky: James's light 'plane - with James piloting and Alison as the passenger - has just crashed beneath this sky after running out of fuel. (1985 season finale)

Episode 697

Samantha looking worried after spotting and speaking to Bill Ashley.

Episode 698

David looking shocked after Leigh commits suicide by throwing herself at an oncoming truck.

Episode 699

James lying in bed in hospital, asleep and oblivious to Duncan Phipps standing next to him about to kill him.

Episode 700

Alison breaking down after David tells her angrily that he's beginning to think she did murder Luke Carlyle.

Episode 701

As Rod raises his hand to Beryl, she snaps at him that they're finished.

Episode 702

Caroline looking shocked after Bill Ashley reveals that Amanda is walking the streets.


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