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Episode 683

Leigh looking guilty after Wayne has caught her hiding at Charlie's.

Episode 684

Alison looking shocked after James tells her that he knows she's Patricia.

Episode 685

Beryl looking unhappy as Heather fusses over baby Robert.

Episode 686

Gordon looking shocked after James tells him that he's keeping Woombai to himself.

Episode 687

Charlie looking shocked as she discovers the supposedly-dead Leigh staying at her house.

Episode 688

Alison after being caught by Adam holding Leigh's watch.

Episode 689

A police station: Leigh has walked in here to give herself up.

Episode 690

Alison looking thoughtful after Charlie tells Caroline and Samantha that David is on his way back to Melbourne - with Patricia.

Episode 691

Beryl looking shocked after she and David discover Heather trying to kidnap baby Robert.

Episode 692

David after saying to Alison, "Hello, Pat."


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