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Episode 673

Alison smiling at Charlie that she'll move faster than greased lightning if she has to to stop James buying the shares in the company and to acquire them for herself.

Episode 674

Alison looking shocked as Charlie turns on her and snaps that she's sick of being used.

Episode 675

Beryl looking furious after Rod accuses her of deliberately revealing to his daughter, Jess, that his late wife had had an affair.

Episode 676

Wayne, a nasty smile on his face, looking down at James, who's hanging off the edge of a fire tower at Woombai, having fallen during a struggle with Wayne.

Episode 677

Gordon looking pleased as he and James make up.

Episode 678

Alison smiling gleefully as she tells James that he'll do exactly as she says if he wants to stay out of prison.

Episode 679

Beryl looking worried after an argument with Rod in which he's told her to let him know when she's sorted out what she's really after in a relationship with him.

Episode 680

Adam looking horrified after Leigh is knocked over the edge of a cliff by his runaway car.

Episode 681

Chris and Samantha after realising that Colonel Bainbridge has kidnapped Caroline.

Episode 682

Alison looking shocked as a supposedly-dead Leigh turns up at Charlie's.


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