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Episode 663

Barbara looking worried about a document she's found in an old trunk at Woombai.

Episode 664

Fiona looking worried after finding a note from Hung, saying he's run away.

Episode 665

Alison and Charlie looking at each other in shock after the police take Mary in for questioning about the murder of Roger Carlyle.

Episode 666

Roger Carlyle's dead body, found by Fiona and Andy in a shallow grave in the back garden of Irene and Fiona's boarding house.

Episode 667

Brett, after Judge tells him that the only way he can repay his gambling debts is by helping him break in to a warehouse.

Episode 668

Brett looking horrified after breaking in to the warehouse, finding he can't get out and then being told by Judge that he's about to tip-off the police.

Episode 669

Adam sitting in his car, waiting to pounce on Judge and Tracy as they handle stolen videos.

Episode 670

Beryl looking scared after Judge and Tracy turn up at David's house in Sunbury and Judge threatens that she'll help him settle a few old scores if she knows what's good for her.

Episode 671

Alison looking horrified after learning that David has remarried in Rio.

Episode 672

James Hamilton, glaring at Gordon after learning that the Hamiltons tried to trick him into thinking Woombai wasn't worth very much.


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